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Yama Buddha´s Khatra Album will be releasing on 2nd March 2017. Here is the 2nd song "Paisa" of the album.

Yama Buddha’s album ‘Khatra’ that was to be released in January 2017 was expected to be a ‘game-changer’ rap album not only by himself but many others in the industry. It was unfortunate that the 29-year-old rapper passed before he released the album and of course, many people still want the album to be released as it was almost ready. Luckily, the producers of a song from the album, had the track and have released it. The song titled ‘Taj’ is  produced by Alexx and Nasty from TeC Records.

Not saying this just because the artiste is no more and we will not be hearing this voice in the future, but this song is actually dope. Listen to it here.Yama Buddha - Paisa (Prod by Nasty)

Produced by: Nasty
Video by: Raywot Shrestha
#KHATRA will be out on 2nd March, 2017.
Anil Adhikari, 1987 - Forever.

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