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Neeta Dhungana, Nepali Actress

Name Nita Dhungana
Date of Birth September 16, 1991
Birth Place Surkhet, Nepal
Height 5 ft 4 in
Debute Kisaan
Profession Model, Actress
Hobbies Acting

Nita Dhungana is an actress of potential in Nepali movie industry. She started off her career in acting as a child artist when she was in Hetauda. She debuted in the Nepali film industry from the Nepali movie ‘Kisaan’. Apart from acting in movies, she is also a successful model. Nita Dhungana (Nepali: नीता ढुंगाना) is an actress and a model of Nepali film industry. Neeta has been working in Nepali film industry since s teenager. She has played as a elder sister in Ajambari Nata which was released in 2008. Due to her acting and dance along with Nepali actor Jiwan Luitel in her popular Nepali film Notebook, she is popularly known “Gala Ratai Girl which was shot in Ilam. Nita Dhungana Filmography Dabbab Cha Ekan Cha (2013) Notebook (2013 film) Masaan (2011) Hamro Maya Juni Juni Lai (2011)


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