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Nepalese Mud Festival | Pokhara, Nepal Travel Vlog

With the arrival of Asar (June/ July), the cloudy-grey sky and greenery surrounding the hills and plains of the Himalayan Kingdom and the realm at its apex in rice plantation is overwhelming. Nepal is an agricultural country and Asar holds the utmost importance for every Nepali as it is the time when farmers plant new seedlings of rice crops in their paddies with the hope of growing quintals of rice by planting kilos.

Depending on the weather, the rice plantation generally begins from the first week of Asar and is considered as a feast or celebration rather than work. Singing Ashare jhyaure geet (monsoon song), splashing each other with muddy water and relishing dahichiura (curd and beaten rice) farmers plant rice with joy and merriment.

Travel Blaggers were in Pokhara, Nepal, They stayed at the Kiwi Guesthouse. They took us to the annual Rice Planting Mud Festival. This is what happened... Watch Video


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