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Nepal’s national anthem third in ‘The most amazing national anthems’ list

Nepal’s national anthem has ranked third in the BBC’s list of ‘Rio 2016: The most amazing national anthems’. Nepal’s national anthem ‘sayau thunga fulka hami’ (translated as we are hundreds of flowers) is the third most amazing national anthem in the top ten list prepared by the global broadcasting giant.

“Nepal’s isn’t your usual anthem. It doesn’t try to sound like a military march or a church hymn. Instead it sounds like a joyous Nepali pop song, the sort of music you hear blaring out of taxis in Kathmandu. It’s the only anthem normally played on a Casio keyboard, and it is so happy it’s somewhat unsettling to learn it was the product of a Maoist revolution,” Alex Marshall writes for BBC.

Marshall is the author of Republic or Death! Travels in Search of National Anthems.

National anthems of Russia and Myanmar have been ranked first and second in the list respectively.

News Source: My Republica


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