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Subek - The Tribute Song

A tribute song for a person who deserves all the love, for all the happiness he shared with all of us while he was alive. In loving memory of our late friend Captain Subek Shrestha, I present to you Subek- The Song, that was partly composed in his presence as we jammed along one wintry evening. The aerial shots used in the video is to show the life that he lived everyday as a Nepali Heli Pilot. Subek loved what he did, and died doing what he loved.

News - On 2nd June, 2015 a helicopter with registration 9N-AJP belonging to Mountain Helicopters Pvt. Ltd crashed in Yamuna danda-8 of Sindupalchowk district that trembled the whole family members , relatives , friends , officials of Kathmandu Airport while returning to Kathmandu after transporting relief and aid materials to the earthquake victims of Dolakha and Sindupalchowk. All the three passengers along with Capt. Subek Shrestha resigned from the earth after they met with awful crash, as god did not show any mercy on them.


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