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WOW !! Nepalese Director Stars on English Music Video in Australia

A Gold Coast Nepalese Dual Director Pukar Bhupal Singh and Rig Subedi from Lastbench Films have come with a brand New English Song called TGFE (Thank God for Everything) with the Artist C Status.

The director with extra technology have already released many Short Movies [Nepalese and English] and Photo and Videography so far.

This song is almost the first Music Video where too many Nepalese Crew have worked comparing to any other English Video. 

Content is always the King, We have already started the pre production of Nepali Music Video and Short Movies, says the Director Pukar Singh.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming Videos.

Song -  TGFE (Thank God for Everything)
Artist: C Status
Directed by : Pukar Singh & Rig Subedi
Shot & Edited by: Pukar Singh
Track Produced by: 3D Classique & C Status

A big thanks to our crew member:-
Priya Shahi, Manish Bijukchhe, Dinesh Karki, Chibson Victor, Hope Chakurangenyi



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