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35 climbers to Mt Everest underway

With the opening of a climbing route to the summit of Mt Everest on Monday, the world climbers have continued their final summit pushes to the roof of the world, according to expedition officials.

At least 35 climbers including 19 expedition members climbed Mt Everest today, according to expedition officials. Shiva Raj Thapa, Managing Director at Summit Nepal Treks, informed that 16 climbers from the Gurkha Everest Expedition stood atop the world’s highest peak at around 7:30 am on Tuesday.

Mingma Sherpa of Ascent Himalaya said from the base camp that at least 17 climbers also made it to the top of Mt Everest at around 9:45 am this morning.

“The team consists of 8 members and 9 climbing Sherpas which was led by Pasang Tenzing Sherpa, Furtemba Sherpa and Narendra Shahi,” he added.

Among the climbers who stood atop the world’s highest peak, Torkjel Hurtig (Norway) became the youngest to summit Mt Everest from south side at the age of 28 who was supported by  climbing guide Yukta Tamu while John Burke (Ireland) became the first to summit from Clare along with Tamting Sherpa, he said.

On Monday, 14 climbers including 10 from the Gurkha Expedition successfully scaled the world’s highest peak from Nepal side after they opened a climbing route to the summit point on Mt Everest.

Source - The Himalayn Times.


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