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Baini (selin) - VTEN Ft. Pema Man Singh Tamang (Official)

New Nepali Pop, R & B, Rap and hiphop Music Video
Baini (selin) - (VTEN) Ft. Pema Man Singh Tamang
PMST Nepal
Compose/Lyrics : Samir Ghising
Music : Pema Man Singh Tamang
Preformer : Om K Rai, Abishak Lama & Aakriti Lama
MUA : Prakriti Lama
Cinematographer : Suraj Darlami Magar
Editor : Pema Man Singh Tamang
Direction : Uman Waiba

Special Thanks
Purna Maharajan (Purna Electronic), Little Shrestha(Little Star Records), Sujit Shrestha, Sanbo Lama, Waiba Cyber, Pool ko Cheu Family, Sagun Lama, Dharma Bajra Lama, Suraj Yonjan


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