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Nepal Idol | She made Nhyoo Bajracharya Cry

A 23 year old Kenjal Mehar Shrestha from Lalitpur came for the audition for the Nepal Idol. There sang a song called Oh Mero Priyatam. The judges gave her mix reaction on her first song. Nhyoo Bajracharya and Indira Joshi were not that impressed with her singing style while Kali Prasda Devkota had given her a green signal. Indira Joshi told her that she seems to be in hurry while Nhyoo Bajracharya seemed to have liked her but thought that she is not that good for the next round.

So he gave her another chance and she sang another song called Man Kina Runchha. She sang the song so beautifully that all the judges were impressed and given her green signal. Nhyoo Bajrachary even told that the song touched him and he felt like crying.  Nepal Idol is a singing reality show which is on aired by the AP1 Television. It is an international Pop Idol franchise that came in Nepal for the first time. The show is judged three judges, Indira Joshi, Kali Prasad Devkota and Nhhyoo Bajracharya.


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