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New Nepali Movie Dipendra Sarkar ft. Pradeep Khadka

New Nepali Movie Dipendra Sarkar ft. Pradeep Khadka as late Prince Deependra Bir Bikram Shah, produced by Santosh Sen. The film is a love story movie ft. Dipendra and Devyani Rana and is expected to be a blockbuster in Nepali movie industry. It is a high budgeted film around 6 crore Nepali film.

After the success of Prem Geet, AasuSen production has been releasing new big budget films and Prem Geet 2 is the sequel following to it and now Dipendra Sarkar is the next. Because the movie carries the Royal name, the story of this movie will definitely highlights the life oif Royal families including late Prince Deependra, former King Gyanendra, Late King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Shah, Late Prince Nirajan and Princess Shruti, former Prince Paras Shah and Princess Himani Rajya Laxmi Shah. Lots of People of Nepal still remember Late Royal families with pride and dignity. Thus this movie will somehow bring the reminiscence of Royal Massacre in the minds of the audience.


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