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The Edge band New album Gantabya 2017 Teaser

Formed in 1998 and debuted with self-titled album on 2000. They are form the musical hub of Nepal, the beautiful Pokhara city. Since establishment vocalist Mr Jeewan Gurung now fronts the Band, with Bishnu gurung (Lead Guitar), Sandeep BK (Bassist), Albin Pariyar (Rhythm Guitar) and Ganesh Rai (Drummer). Mr Jeewan has seen the original line up flattered over the years, however his dedication and passion has been rewarded and kudos to him to bring up the band to this stage, which has so many heart touching love songs under their names and thousands of supports.

They are masters of love and tragedy songs, songs like Mero Aasu, Pagal Nabhana, Yo Samjhine Mutu, Lekhiya Ka Shabda, Thaa Chaina etc have always been the expression of the hearts weather broken or not.

Edge band have played number of times here in the UK, and wowed the crowed, they have strong numbers of followers here in the UK and definitely going to rock the stage hard this time at the Wembley Arena too on 17th June 2017.

The Edge Band¨s new album Gantabya is coming soon.
Gantabya meaning it's a is a destination .
Looking for destination through our music.
Jeewan gurung : vocal
Bishnu gurung : guitar
Albin pariyar : guitar
sandeep Bk : bass guitar
ganesh rai : drummer

Watch the Teaser here..

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