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Illegal Streaming of Mayweather-McGregor Viewers May Face Fines

UK viewers were charged £19.95 ($26) for the Mayweather-McGregor boxing bout, while those in the US had to pay an eye-watering $89.95 (£70) or $99.95 for HD (£77).

Millions of people willingly paid those prices, but millions more looked for other ways to watch the fight. Illegal streams and unauthorised live broadcasts were available across the internet on Facebook, blogs and YouTube.

"Pirate streams are vulnerable to being 'stolen' in much the same way that official streams are," the publication said, "so it's possible that a provider wanted to keep tabs on where its streams were ending up."

If you have shared an external links for the live streaming of this match, we want you to remove it from your post to be aware of getting fines.


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