3 Questions you must ask before change the course or University in Australia

Changing course and/or education provider (Uni) once after being in Australia is no more new buzz for international students and Aussie education providers. Although it’s very serious and complex matter which directly concerned with Migration and ESOS laws, common in practice now. Often international student change the course for which their student visa was grant. They give a new term ‘course-hoping’ for such students and made such activities legal, regulating the changing course as well as education provider with provisions and guidelines.

Actually what happens with international students is, education consultancies in their nation forcefully suggests them to enroll such courses and Universities providing good commission rate to them stating the ‘high VISA success rate’ for those course and University as well. In first they only focus on that how to get visa, after entering Australia they realizes what they should have done and simply they decide to change course which leads them toward Permanent Residency and better future in Australia with lower and flexible fee structure.

No No, it’s not a bad thing to change course and Uni, everyone want, their effort and investment would be profitable for long lasting, it’s legal too; but bad time, consultancy and procedure may affect your visa as well as future in Australia adversely.

1. Is your student visa secure? Whether it breaches your Student VISA conditions or not?

This must be first and foremost question, these day most of student in Australia with Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) arrangement ask them is it comply visa conditions or not. (Here are 6 visa provisions which SVP student must comply). Breaching VISA condition may cause cancellation of your current visa.

2. What is the cost of the course & percentage discount they are going to offer?

Answer of the question benefits you monetarily, is the course compatible with your earning or not its second most important factor during the process; and the way to bargain discount because education consultancies in Sydney offering 10 to 15 percent discount in tuition fees depending on courses and providers for at least 2 semester (trimester); some offering for whole course duration. Ask them, compare and choose which gives more discounts.

3. Is the course leads you toward Permanent Residency (PR)? Is in SOL list?

This is the third and final basic question, it’s important to you; the course in which you are going to enroll must lead you toward better future in Australia. If it is in SOL list it’s easy to get PR in Aussie land and get involved in related professional activities.

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