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Hello & Namaste,

My name is Anusha Karki & I would like to welcome you to my first blog. I have been interested in blogging for a while now, but too lazy to create one, but on May 26, 2016, I woke up and I was like today is the day and here I am writing my first post. Just so you can get to know me a little more I have decided to share 18 Facts about me.

Few things that you might haven't known about me:

✿ My birthday is on July 8, 1997 which makes me 18years old. 
✿ The outfit I'm wearing in the picture (on the top) is actually a Nepali Outfit and it's called a "Tamang Dress". 
✿ I am a Nepalese American. 
✿ I am a Pesco vegetarian.  
✿ I hateeeee horror movies, but you'll still find me watching them because of my friends. 
✿ My favorite food in the entire world is Pasta.
✿ When I was little I wanted to become an Air hostess. 
✿ As I got older I had a fear of flying or being on an airplane. 
✿ but I recently overcame that fear!! 
✿ I have a Cat and her name is Lilly. 
✿ My mom traveled a lot when I was little so I was sent to a boarding school in India. 
✿ Talking about my mom, she was a Track & Field coach, which inspired me to join Cross Country in High School and ever since then I have fallen in LOVE w/ Running.
✿ My Hobbies would be going Hiking w/my friends, dancing, making Youtube videos. 
✿ I'm trilingual, which means that I can fluently speak in 3 different Languages and they are English, Nepali and Hindi.  
✿ When I was little I drank hair color thinking it was black tea.My mom & aunt rushed me to the hospital and thank God nothing happened. 
✿ I have gotten in 2 bike accidents and they were both w/my dad but it wasn't his fault.The roads were just very rocky and our bike slipped. 
✿ I love rainy weather. 
✿ Simple things in life make me happy.For example:having a meal w/my family. It doesn't matter where we are or what we are eating.What matters is that we are together.

Photo - Anusha´s Facebook
Hope this helped you to get to know Anusha karki more.

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