Model Watch :- Niti Shah

Born on February 2 , Niti Shah is one of top model of Nepal. She has been featured in many magazine covers, advertisements and fashion runways.

Gratuated from St.Xavier’s College , Maitighar , Niti persued modelling career and has achieved as one of the top model in the industry.She has done lots of fashion runways for renowned stylist and has been featured as cover girl for many fashion magazines like Navyaata , M&S , Vow etc

Niti is even compared to Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif  saying their facial structure are almost alike.Whether it be or not…She has indeed a very preety face .

Smile is the preetiest thing a women can wear -Niti Shah

Indeed , Niti’s smile is so captivating and beautiful. Every girl looks preety when they smile but then , Niti’s smile she looks more than preety , beyond preety ..anglelic 😘

Text by GlamourNepal
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