Only 8 image can say why Kathmandu is most polluted city in world ?

According to latest pollution index published by Serbia-based research website, Nepal’s Capital city sits in the third position of the pollution ranking with a pollution index of 96.66. Only the people who lives in Kathmandu know how hard to live in Kathmandu with such environment.

Here we look over such picture of Kathmandu which proves that Kathmandu is really worst city in the world.

Kathmandu is the city of temple and country of god. but....

Take a look this Bagmati river

2 Kind of roads can found here

Traffic Jams - Kathmandu valley is expected to pass 2 million vehicles on its roads by the end of the year 2015

we are living with 21's wire technology

No matter what's the condition of your vehicle is , but you can get this sticker

A: Where to throw this dust ? 
B: Throw any where you want whole Kathmandu is dustbin for you ,

You of course familiar with this

Bus stop in central of Kathmandu

These are only 8 examples of why Kathmandu is most polluted. Their are uncountable reasons why it is called so. 
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