Why threading is better than Waxing?

Eyebrow Threading is being very popular and easy method to remove hair. Threading method does not use any chemical while remove hair unlike waxing? Divas Bro offers best and professional eyebrow threading Sydney.  We are specialized in eyebrow threading Sydney. 

What is threading?

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that uses cotton thread made from hundred percentage cotton removes unwanted facial hair. Threading is most common way to remove facial hair in India. It is cost effective and last long then other methods. 

How Threading Works

The professional applies powder on targeted area and hold two long entwined pieces of threading special thread and bind them around unwanted hairs and remove them from root. The process goes very smooth once you find comfort and confidence with this method.

5 Reasons threading is better than Waxing

Now when there is comparison between two methods of removing facial hair, I strongly recommend threading method. I have very strong reason after this. It natural way to remove hai specially very delicate area like face. 

In waxing they use lots of chemical to make that thick liquid include resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, and dangerous dyes. It is very harmful for you and if someone has skin allergies they can get bad reactions. While in threading they use only powder and cotton thread so you are worry free and it last long.

Threading proven best method to remove hair for people with sensitive skin. There are harsh chemicals in threading method so it makes life easy for them. Whereas waxing contain so many chemical this might be dangerous for people with sensitive skin. They might find skin rash and other allergies and even tweezing can leave skin red, raw, and inflamed. With threading, there is little contact with the skin so there is no skin damage. It’s an ideal alternative to waxing for those on prescription acne medications as skin is thinner and more prone to sensitivity in those areas.

Threading method is fast and very effective way to remove hair. Even it is faster than plucking instead of pulling at one click unwanted hair remove from root. Threading eyebrows and other unwanted facial hair is faster than sugaring and even natural waxing methods because there is no wait time for anything to dry or harden. The hair is just gone. 

Waxing hair can come back very quickly if its not done properly in other hand threading hair last much longer. After eyebrow threading, your hair will be gone for 3-4 weeks. 

Waxing can be painful sometimes. There is chance of skin allergies due to harsh chemicals. Oftentimes with painful skin burns and watering eyes. Threading method offers best eyebrow shape and arch because it’s like hand craft. The professional do it with hands so can make your dream shape the process is quick, less painful, and lasts longer. There are so many hair removals method available in market. IT is very personal choice and decision which one to use which one not depending on individual circumstances. This article is just suggestion on personal experience and people’s view. This is not any professional advice.
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