Dashain Offer - NTC Voice and Data

Like last year, Nepal Telecom (NTC) has launched discount offers during the festive season of Dashain and Tihar for its customers. NTC voice and data pack, as well as various offers, are waiting this festive season for NTC users. Here are the offers :
  1. Discount on voice calls and SMS:
    From Aswin 26 to Kartik 9 and from Kartik 25 to Mangsir 1, NTC will provide 10 percent flat discount on all voice call within its network. Prepaid calls will be 1min 35 paisa in a minute whereas postpaid calls will charge 90 Paisa per minute.
  2. Data Offer :
    NTC is offering 100 MB data in just Rs. 50 and 250 MB data in Rs. 100. This offer is valid from Ashoj 15 to Ashoj 29 and again from Kartik 12 to Kartik 21. Not only that, there is a bonus of 10 and 20 minutes free Voice Call and SMS respectively for 100 MB and 250 MB within NTC networks.
  • 100 MB for Rs 50( 5 DAYS)
    • 10 minutes Free Voice call
    • 10 Free SMS
  • 250 MB for Rs 100 (10 DAYS)
    • 25 minutes Free Voice Call
    • 25 Free SMS
To active this offer: Type ‘DATA100MB‘ or ‘DATA250MB‘ and send to 1415 for Prepaid and 1400 for Postpaid.

  • Night Data offer:
    This offer is valid from Ashoj 15 for 3 months. 500 Mb data and 1200 MB data will respectively cost Rs. 40 and Rs.85. However,there is a specific time limit.

    • 500 MB for Rs. 40 (Validity 7 days)
    • 1200 MB for Rs 85 (Validity 15 days)
    To active this offer: Type ‘SPECIAL500MB‘ or ‘SPECIAL1200MB‘ and send to 1415 for Prepaid and 1400 for Postpaid.

    The volume of internet packages shall be effective.

  • SMS Offer:
  • 50 percent discount for each SMS within NTC network shall be effective. Oh yes, one have to pay only 50 Paisa to send SMS to your dear and loved ones.
  • Bonus recharge:
    The bonus of 10% on every recharge above Rs. 100 will be effective.

  • Enjoy this festive season with these offers. Happy Dashain and cheers !!!!!!
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