Famous Singer Komal Oli enter into RPP

Famous Singer Komal Oli enter into RPP

Komal Oli is a popular Media Personality and Singer. This is a auto-biography from her.

I was born to Lalit and Deepa on April 16 in Tikari, Dang. I have three other siblings, me being the eldest.

I am of the opinion that I have spent time recklessly but during this while, I have been able to gain a lot of appreciation, care and love. Life is all about struggle and managing time properly. Everyone has to struggle. That one thing which I like about myself is that I have never been jealous of anyone.

For me love and marriage is the declaration of you and your loved one being together. I am satisfied and content and happy with the way I am leading my life right now. There are many marriage proposals coming my way but whenever I ask them to come and meet me, I don’t know why but they never do. I also want to get settled down someday but this does not mean that I am in a hurry.

Since I am an artist, sometimes it becomes hard to lead a simple life. There is no guarantee that all marriages end up working out. I am not a kind of person who sacrifices one’s happines for others. I want to lead life the way I want to.

Like love and marriage sex is also a necessity of ones life. But, we should not forget where we live…our culture and tradition.
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