Super Mario Run Review

The best part is that there are no in-app purchases or ads to detract from the overall package. And yet that’s perhaps the biggest question mark for Super Mario Run as well. It’s free to download, but unlocking all the World Tour stages, from which you can win more tickets to play more Toad Rally, costs $9.99. That’s a hefty price to pay by mobile standards, but an unquestionable steal for a brand new Mario title.

The Good 
Clever reimagining of classic Mario gameplay for mobile. 
Superb graphics, sound effects and music, as you'd expect. 
Toad Rally mode provides a welcome -- and compelling -- competitive aspect.

Super Mario Run is both of those things, and darn good no matter how you look at it. Nintendo is obviously banking on the idea that the latter school of thought will be more prominent, but regardless of how people react to its cost, Super Mario Run is proof that these brands should have been on mobile all along. Took you long enough, Nintendo, but here’s hoping you stick around for a while.

The Bad
Yeah, it's pretty expensive ...

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