Phillipines President to hire the fiercest fighters on planet known as “Gurkhas” to fight Abu Sayaff if needed

Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol shared that the President may hire the deadly Gurkhas to help the AFP to destroy the terrorist group Abu Sayaff if needed.

“If I have to hire the Gurkhas to help us fight the Abu Sayyaf, I am willing to do it,” he told the national security officials and cabinet members during the meeting in Matina, Davao City.

Gurkhas are the fearsome Nepalese fighters who are working with the British Army, their motto is “Better to die than to be a coward”.

They are known for carrying their traditional weapon known as the kukri and according to some rumours, their kukri must taste blood in the battle or else they need to cut theirselves.

A Single Gurkha single handledly-fought 30 Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan and he took an hour to kill all of them.

Young people who wants to become a “Gurkha” must run uphill for 40 minutes, carrying a basket in their back filled with rocks weighing 31 Kilos.

After the bombing in Davao City, the President is now more determined to destroy the terrorist group.

“There’s no other option. These people are like germs which must be eliminated,” the President said.
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