Ncell going to cancel their free Twitter and Wikipedia package.

Ncell has launched ‘Facebook Free’ offer for its subscribers for next three months earlier, in partnership with the social media giant.

The offer, which will come into effect was announced by Ncell’s Managing Director Simon Perkins amid an event in the Capital today.

Under the offer, all pre-paid and post-paid Ncell subscribers will be able to post their status, upload photos, read others’ updates, like, share and post comments without any data charge via android mobile application of Facebook and browsers (except proxy enabled), according to Ncell.

With the launch of ‘Facebook Free’ offer, a ‘Go to Free’ button will appear on top right corner of Facebook page by default, clicking on which Ncell customers will be able to browse free version of Facebook.

Ncell also have offered free twitter and wikipedia to their customer when they use it on the Ncell coverage. Today Ncell have announced that they are comtinuing the facebook for free offer but Twitter and Wikipedia are going to cancel soon.

Lets hope for the best service from Nell.

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