5 reasons why Australia is the best country to move in

We have endured enough of never ending power cuts, sporadic strikes, and political turmoil in the country. Due to this, the number of youth leaving Nepal is ever increasing. We all are looking for greener pastures. All around the globe, there are countries which are thousand times better than us. You must be considering of these well-developed countries to move into. Among many counties Nepalese go to whether on a student visa or working visa, Australia remains one of the top destination. Australia’s high standard of living, diverse culture and an enriched environment is attracting a large number of Nepalese every year. Here are five reasons why a large number of Nepalese opts for Australia to settle in.

Diverse Culture

Australia is a home to the population with diverse culture. It has a history of mass immigration from different countries particularly Indonesian, Thai and Lebanese dominating the population. It is recognized as one of the most multicultural and multilingual countries in the world. One in four Australians were born overseas. As Nepali also come from the multicultural background it easier for them to get familiar with the new environment and fall in love with the new home country.

A high standard of living

A high standard of living is one of the reasons why Australia has a large number of immigrants. It is ranked as one of the best countries with highest economy growth and living standards. According to HDI index published by united Nations, it ranks second in the list. Availability of health facility, job opportunities, and education are measured in HDI index. Meanwhile, the Economist Intelligence Unit has also stated four of the Australian cities as the world’s top 10 livable cities. Melbourne ranks number one, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth holding fifth, seventh and eight positions respectively. Though the cost of living is higher here, it is worth provided the standard of life you live here.

Natural beauty

Australia has a diverse natural environment which includes breathtaking landscapes, natural parks, dense rainforest and beautiful beaches. You can spend your weekend doing numerous recreational activities like surfing, skiing, hiking, visiting parks and so on. It is a nature’s paradise, with a unique biodiversity.

Efficient public healthcare 
It provides world class health care system through Medicare. Medicare has publicly funded health care system designed for everyone. It provides you quality health care at affordable cost. Medicare offers free health care services or at times subsidized treatment promising you best health care.

Advanced Economy

Ever growing the economy of Australia has plenty of job opportunities offered to you. A full-time worker in Australia earns Australian dollar 1,500 a week. It ranks fourth on highest wage earners in regard to purchasing power. Moreover, the past record of Australia’s economy shows it can withstand any financial crisis. So you can be assured that as soon as you land here, you won’t be empty handed as to jobs.

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