Nepal hasn't been what we expected due to choosing the wrong time the come. That's why we decided to leave earlier to India and make Bhaktapur our last stop. We wanted to check Bhaktapur city to see the Durbar Square, but unfortunately we had to pay another $30 to even enter the city. That's why we decided to head up high to a viewpoint!

Nepal taught us one important thing which is to only choose to do the things that you absolutely love in a country and that is a valuable lesson, as we wanted to go everywhere to get all the information for our website and promote Nepal the best we could. So a great tip for any other vlogger could be to really vlog about places you really love, so we're going back to finding the most beautiful places in the world. ;)

Last thing we want to say about Nepal is that although there's a lot of dust pollution and it is very chaotic and time consuming, the people are one of the nicest we've ever met. Traveling to Nepal is a good idea because the country can really use the money to further develop and make sure all kids are able to go to school (this is still not the case). Unfortunately that needs to be done by the government.. From our own experience and from all the stories of the people we spoke, we have sadly realised that the government does very little for their people. If we come back to Nepal, we'll choose the high season and come for some trekking, but for now we're off to the colourful India, namaste! 

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