Ranju Darsana - Bungy Jump at The Last Resort

Bungy Jump is one hell of a lifetime experience. No need to fear if you dare :D

We must follow the instructions given, trust ourselves and give it a try. If scared, close the eyes and smile :) . It's a WoW feeling. 

For a one day package I paid Rs. 5500 that included two way costing to The Last Resort at Sindhupalchok and lunch. I paid Rs. 1500 separately for the pictures and videos and got a T-shirt free (The Last Resort Bungy T-shirt).

They had told to fly like an eagle but after watching my video, I realized I ended up flying like someone else! 😂😂😂

Bibekshil Nepali has chosen a young and deserving candidate for the post of Mayor in Kathmandu. Although there is a little hope of her winning the election, she sure seems to be an interesting candidate. 

"Born in 2052 BS, Ranju lives with her single mom. She is currently doing her Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies in National College, Baluwatar.

Ranju wasn’t fan of the city closure for a political agenda. She is the advocate of disciplined politics. She told that her candidacy is the protest against “political syndicate.”

Ranju Darashana had been quite active in all the programs and protest program held by Bibekshil Nepal for the last three years. She says that she has a goal to make the city clean and beautiful."

Watch her first Video of Bunjee Jump at The Last Resort.

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