Anju Panta's Daughter Paritoshika can sing in 5 different languages

Nepal’s popular versatile singer Anju Panta’s daughter PARITOSHIKA can sings in 5 different languages that have been revealed during an interview with singer Anju Panta by Anil Yadav of Nagarik News. On the story base of the interview Thuloparda has compiled a narrative animation and thrown to Youtube which has been trending now and sitting at place 7 for a while gaining a good numbers of views as well.

15 years Paritoshika is now studying in class 10 aiming to become doctor in future as she could care of her mother and grand mother when they become elderly and fragile. Singer Anju remembers, Paritoshika was only 9 years old when her 10 years long married life was just ended. Singer Anju was literally ill with broken leg, urine infection and many other health issues after she was separated with her husband. Both mother Anju Panta and daughter Paritoshika openly expressed that Anju Panta is taking care and playing role of both father and mother herself for Paritoshika since she became single.

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