Pinky Sapkota - A Nepalese Belly Dancer.

Pinky Sapkota Born and raised in Kathmandu always had an innate sense of connection with dance movements. She was Trained in Salsa and Bachata at the Salsa Dance Academy, My passion for dance would be a big part of her life and realised belly dance was her calling.

Fluid movements, isolated structures and intoxicating music are synonymous to belly dancing. Also known as Oriental Dance, Raqs Sharqi and Eastern Dance, this form of storytelling has crossed numerous continents and cultures.

Belly dancing crossed Sapkota’s mind when she was watching the tele. “When I saw Meher Malik on TV for the first time, I felt so proud to be a woman because of the way she represented and celebrated feminism through belly dance. Then I started doing more research about this dance form and I fell in love with this form,” says Sapkota with whom I got an opportunity to talk to about her experience on being one of the pioneering belly dancers in the country.

The way people look at belly dance is similar to that in the West, She said.

Many people do not see that it is an empowering form of movement. They don’t see that it strengthens the core of those who practice it, and is also an antidote to body shaming.

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