Great News for Nepali Football and supporters.

Nepal has moved one position up to 169th position with 117 points in FIFA World Ranking for the month of August.

India is the King of South Asia as it lies at 94, one position down from previous month. They lie at the 12th position in Asia.

Nepal lies on the fifth position among South Asian Countries.

Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are unchanged at 142, 197 and 200 position respectively.

Afghanistan has slipped one position down to 156.

Bhutan has also gone one position down to 165.

Bangladesh has climed one position up from previous month to 189.

Iran is leading Asian countries as it lies at the 24th position. Brazil, Germany and Argentina  are in first, second and third position respectively in FIFA World Ranking for the month of August.

South Asian Countries Ranking:

India: 97

Maldives: 142

Afghanistan: 156

Bhutan: 165

Nepal: 169

Bangladesh: 189

Sri Lanka: 197

Pakistan: 200

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