Indian migrants walk hundreds of KMs to go home

With modes of public transport shut for 21 days and economic activities at a standstill, migrant daily wage workers have been one of the worst-hit as India began a total lockdown to counter coronavirus.

They have been walking for last five days. Shiv Kumari, 50, was thrown out of her rented accommodation in the northern state of Haryana by her landlord. She and her 28-year-old son packed their bags and set off on an arduous journey of 900 kilometers (550 miles) to their home. They were still 110 kilometers (68 miles) short of their destination.

They were hungry. Some had not eaten for days. Others survived on water and biscuits. But they walked anyway for hundreds of miles, in groups of families that included men and women, young and old — all trudging along deserted highways.

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