Working from home might bring you a mental health issues.

A lot of offices and workers are doing their job from Home during this Corona Virus outbreak. many countries are in lock-down in this time due to this disease but Is working from home good for mental health?

Here are Some common feelings you might be experiencing while working from Home. They are:

1. Feeling isolated, lonely, or disconnected from other people – socially and professionally
2. Being unable to ‘switch off from work’
3. Having difficulty staying motivated
4. Having difficulty prioritising your workload
5. Feeling uncertain about your progress, and whether you’re performing ok
6. Insomnia and sleep problems

Sometimes these things can build up a mental health issues on you. 

Some of the tips to overcome with this kind of feelings Don’t forget these helpful actions for maintaining positive mental health.

These include:
  • Exercising, getting a good night's sleep and eating well
  • Doing activities you enjoy
  • Staying connected with social supports
  • Managing stress through problem solving, relaxation or meditation
  • Thinking in helpful ways

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