India begins to cross the border: India intensifies dam construction in Rautahat

India begins to cross the border: India intensifies dam construction in Rautahat

Rautahat, 10 June. India has intensified the process of adding another pain to the Nepalis injured by the pain of Kalapani. The Indian mentality, obsessed with the idea of ​​doing whatever it takes, is now ingrained in the municipality of Ishnath in Rautahat. India has intensified the work of raising the dam in the Dashgaja area of ​​Banjaraha in Ishnath Nagar Municipality Ward No. 1 of Rautahat.

After the news about the construction of the dam and the flooding of Nepali territory due to it was published in various media including News 24, the security chiefs including the Chief District Officer observed the area.

In the process, officials of both countries had reached a verbal agreement to stop the construction of the dam immediately. However, India is rejecting the agreement with the Nepali side and the Indian side is increasing the height of the dam even during the period of lockdown.

According to the locals, the dam is five feet higher than the previous one and has been strengthened so that it will not be damaged by rainwater. The locals have become panic-stricken after the Indian side started increasing the height of the dam by covering up the opportunity to lock it down. Due to the same dam, the area is inundated every year due to a lack of drainage of rain water. Due to this dam, wards 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the municipality are worried that it will be completely inundated this rainy season.

India is raising the dam up to Banjaraha through the middle pillar number 346 ÷ 5 east of Jange Pillar 347 and strengthening it so that it does not collapse due to rainwater. The dam being constructed by India is more than three kilometers long, more than fifteen feet high and more than ten meters wide and there is not even a door for drainage of rainwater towards Nepal. Due to this, it seems certain that the area will be completely inundated during the rainy season.

Vigu Sah, the ward chairman of Ishnath Municipality Ward No. 1, is worried that India will drown in the rains. He said that India has increased the height of the dam and made it stronger this year as it was inundated due to the dam in the previous years.

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