Should Nepal break all bilateral diplomatic ties with India?

The answer is BIG Yes.

All the bilateral diplomatic ties with the Republic of India should be suspended immediately. However, multilateral ties in SAARC and BIMSTEC can be kept open for a while. And, a letter of warning should be sent to all Indian media houses for the derogatory comments they are making on the sovereignity of Nepal. Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura : Indian army should move out of these places without any conditions, and Nepalese army need to establish a barrack on these mountainous areas.

Nepal has not been able to manage its own fiscal policies because of Nepalese rupee being pegged with Indian currency in the ratio of 1 INR = 1.6 NRS. The himalayan republic should sit on the table with India and introduce a free floating currency . This will make the currency of Nepal stronger and hence, imported goods will be cheaper for its residents. as per 22 May 2020, 1 USD = NRS 121.23. How has Nepalese rupee become one of the weakest currencies in the world ? It is all because Nepali money is pegged to one of the most unstable economies of Asia , where Resereve Bank of India prints money as it wishes to pay off its debt, and further weakens the currency.

Strong fencing on the borders of Nepal and India should be established from both sides, and in the process of doing that Nepal can reclaim the land encroached by India on the southern border of Nepal. Government of Nepal should not hesitate to bring this matter of dignity and soveriegnity on International Forums like UNO, WTO and many more. If necessary , a military agreement should be signed with China, in which China will be compelled to rescue Nepal in case of any external attacks on its soil. If a small pacific country of Marshall Islands of 181.3 km² area and popukation of 58,413 can sign a military pact with USA, why can’t the 49th most populous Himalayan nation, the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha, sign such pact with its Northern neighbour ?

Written by Shekhar Rawal
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