The Corona Song | Deepak Bajracharya and UNICEF

We are all facing the challenges of Coronavirus. Lockdown, uncertainty, fear, anxiety maybe even depression. Keeping informed, being responsible and caring for others are actions we can take to help overcome this pandemic and all its effects. Coronavirus knows no borders and has no boundaries. We are all vulnerable regardless of religion, race, or gender.  Today we need solidarity, kindness, and action on all levels to rise above this difficult time.

We have joined with UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia to produce The Corona Song, leveraging the power of music and art to reach people, express ideas and emotions, and mobilize personal and collective action around this global pandemic.

Let us join our voices, instruments, and dances.  Let us join our hearts and minds.  Together yet apart we can make a difference.

The Corona Song

Vocals: Deepak Bajracharya/Cherisa Bajracharya
Music Composition: Deepak Bajracharya
Video Concept: Cherisa Bajracharya
Music Arrangements: Pradip Joshi
DOP: Manoj Bhele

Watch the Video Below...

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