Know About Our National Flower-"Laligurans🌺"🇳🇵

Rhododendron (Laliguras) is also known as "rose tree" because it often produces flowers in trusses, just like some types of roses."rodon" is Greek word for "rose" and "dendron" for "tree").
Rhododendron arboreum(Laliguras)  is a national flower of Nepal.People here consumes it in the form of pickle and juice.In Nepal,there are more than 30 species (about 32) of rhododendron, with dozens of varieties in all sizes and colors.(Almost 31 out off 32species can be found on the hills of Province No.1)

They have their own time to flourish but only some flowers bloom every time. Lali Gurans also has its own time to flourish. Its blossoming heralds the advent of spring, usually in March or April. During these months, it decorates the forest with its natural beauty.

Growing at an altitude from 1200m-3600m these flowers grow  throughout the whole length of Nepal and is remarkably colored in all shades of red, pink and white.

It can mainly be used as medicine. After soaking it, different kinds of medicine can be made. Once dry, the dust from this flower helps melt bones. According to common belief in Nepal, a sip of the juice of the Lali Gurans flower dissolves fish bones stuck in the throat. It also helps to cure those patients who are suffering from dysentery. The dust of this flower should be mixed with the starch of the boiling rice and given to the patient.

Interesting Facts;
Rhododendron can survive up to 100 years under optimal environmental conditions.
Labrador tea is herbal tea made of three closely related species of rhododendron.
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