Balen Shah vs Nani maiya Dahal

Two years after the referendum, after the people became angry with the Panchayat system, Jog Meyer Shrestha, who has also become a minister, when he became the mayor of Kathmandu, even though he thought that no one could do anything, was illiterate against the politics of 2038 BS.  An unheard of widow, Rani Maya Dahal, had filed her candidature against Shrestha.  In a Newar-dominated country, no one could have imagined that the daughter of a non-Newar farmer could take such courage.  There is an English saying, in the beginning people will ignore you, and start laughing at you, and start attacking, in the end you will win.

In addition to accusing Nani Maya of being immoral, some people started calling her polygamist.  The youths, disgusted with the leaders, started working in the field by raising their own publicity money.  Even though Nani Maya was born into a poor family, Balen is seen as a child of an affluent Ayurveda family.  According to her supporters, Nani Mauya’s speech was insane, but Balen was a man of humble disposition.
Nani Maya and Balen had the same similarities as being young, competitors having won elections before, personal attacks being the same.  Nani Maiya, who was born in Buddhist People’s Arjel, said that even though she studied up to 5th grade, the woman who studied later dropped out of school because she knew Poil.  She said that she had read Ramayana and other books at home.  She says that Rani Maiya, who fought for independence, was called Rani by the election.

People who are trying to win Balen Sah are expressing their support from place to place. Nischal, who has come to support Balen Sah in his sick condition, is sure to win Balen Sah.  He said that he was sure to win as he had given the vote to his party.  Balen Sah, who is very popular among the younger generation, is now being talked about all over the world.  Balen’s real name is Balendra Sah, 31-year-old Balen was born and raised in Nardebi, Kathmandu.

Balen, who has been interested in politics for the past 10 years, is also interested in astrology.  As Balen Sah is also a writer, he has become well-known among the youth. Along with Sah, artist pilots, common people, students, people from children to the elderly stood by him.  After the Election Commission gave Balen Sah the stick election symbol, he has requested Balen to win by an overwhelming majority by voting on the stick symbol to hit the corrupt low head and, to become the charioteer of old age.

He said that when a person gets a ticket from the party, he is looking for a person who has thrown stones at the party and has struggled with various issues.  “If we want to build development, the face of the country will change in six months,” he said. “Prachanda, Oli and Deuba have never thought of developing the country.”  Balen Sah, who is in the field for the mayoral post along with a group of young people, said he went into the election process to change politics, and to break the syndicate that should only vote for the aging party.  Many have said that it is true that the party leader has become a candidate for the polls.

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