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Tax to be Paid for Big Screen TV While Bringing from Abroad to Nepal

TV Tax in Nepal : Most of Nepali peoples bring some devices like mobile, laptop, TV and other electronic items from abroad while returning to Nepal. Many of these items tax and custom duties need not to be paid. But some special items may charge custom tax in Tribhuvan International Airport arrival depart. Here we have mentioned LED/LCD/3D or Smart TV’s custom duty tax rates according to TV screen size.

LCD, LED, Smart TV tax in Nepal Airport 2015 |Nepal Airport Tax for LCD TV 2015

Government of Nepal has already declared that upto 32 inch television can be bring without any charges and duties. So,  the screen size of 32 Inch LCD, LED, 3D, SmartTV or Curved TV are custom free. If the size increased from 32 inches it will charge Rs. 550 per inch as custom tax. So If you bring 65 Inch TV from abroad you have to pay Rs. 35,750.00 for tax in Tribhuvan International Airport.

List of Airport Tax of TV Screen Size to be paid while bringing from abroad to Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal 2015

TV Screen Size (Inch)
Tax to be Paid for TV in Airport
35 inch screen size TV
Rs. 19250
36 inch screen size TVRs. 19800
40 inch screen size TV
Rs. 22000
446 inch screen size TV
Rs. 25300
50 inch screen size TV
Rs. 27500
56 inch screen size TV
Rs. 30800
60 inch screen size TV
Rs. 33000
65 inch screen size TV
Rs. 35750
78 inch screen size TV
Rs. 42900
88 inch screen size TV
Rs. 48400


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