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List of Former Miss Nepal's husband

Miss Nepal is a national beauty pageant in Nepal. The winner of Miss Nepal is sent to Miss World contest while the first and second runners- up are sent to the Miss Earth and Miss International pageants respectively.

The first Miss Nepal contest was held on 1994 AD in Nepal and the winner of the pageant is Ruby Rana. Since 1994 AD to till the date altogether 21 Miss Nepal has been chosen. And since 1994 to 2009 AD, all the Miss Nepal had got married whereas from AD 2010 to till the year 2016 all the Miss Nepal are left to be married.

Miss Nepal 2004 is Payal Shakya. Payal Shakya got married with Sarun Tamrakar. Before Payal, Priti Sitaula was the Miss Nepal of 2003. She got married with Bijoy Rajbanshi. Malvika Subba was the Miss Nepal 2002. She got married with Riyaj Shrestha.

Click the video below for all other former Miss Neal¨s Husband.


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