Deo Man Gurung, Barpak, Gorkha

"I was at the animal shed when the ground started shaking. The rumbling of the earth and crying of animals was to much to bear. When they started running, I didn't know if I should run with them or after them. Then I thought about my mother. I forgot about the animals and ran towards home praying. When I saw her alive, I went to her and held her in my arms. I did not let go, the earth was still shaking. She turned 100 this year."

"I was born in Shillong and it was nice to women. In many cases women were the heads of the family. I landed in Delhi to find work and everything changed. I started getting all kind of name calling. I remember there was no women compartment in the metro and one day this man across my seat was staring at me. He looked at me with these dirty eyes like he was going to eat me. It felt disgusting and I felt invaded. And this was only one among many such incidents. But I was not going to sit in silence and in submission. Almost every single day I confronted these people. Sometimes I had to physically fight with them. I might be small but I was not letting anyone get away with it. And then the Nirbhaya Dehli gang rape happened which changed my life." (1/2) (Pushpa Gurung, Lakeside Pokhara)

Via Stories of Nepal.

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