Dozens of Doctors Arrested for Allegedly False Papers

In a nationwide crackdown on medical charlatans, Nepalese police have arrested 53 people for allegedly working as doctors with fake credentials or false education certificates and said Monday that more suspects would be arrested this week.

Weekend raids at reputed hospitals, health clinics and medical schools across the Himalayan nation ended with police handcuffing 36 white-coated men and women and taking them away while patients and medical staff looked on.

Another 17 had been arrested in February when authorities began the investigation, called "Operation Quack."

The investigation was being conducted by the country's Central Investigation Bureau in league with the Education Board and the Nepal Medical Council, the regulatory agency responsible for conducting qualifying tests and issuing licenses to practice medicine.

Dozens of doctors protested Sunday in Birgunj, a town along the Indian border, demanding their colleagues be released. The association also said it was asking all of its members — regardless of suspicion — to submit their licenses for verification.
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