Top 10 Internet Service Provider in Nepal

If you are planning to install new internet, then you might be thinking “How could I get a Reliable Internet at a cheap price”. Don’t worry, we have come up with the list of Top 10 ISP in Nepal. Along with the increase of internet and its users, many internet service providers have evolved in Nepal to provide quality internet facility. Now, there are altogether 39 registered ISPs in Nepal according to ISPAN. Let’s head forward to the top 10 list without any further delay.

1. Worldlink Communications

Worldlink is one of the oldest ISP of Nepal established in 1995 A.D. It has been providing its service through cable and fiber internet. In fact, the fast and reliable service of cable zoom, fiber zoom and unlimited broadband packages for home and office has made it the most popular and reliable ISP of Nepal.
Installation and Details

Cable Zoom (Installation): Rs 1000
Fibre (Installation) : Rs. 1000 + Rs. 2500 (Fibre Router) = Rs. 3500
*Fibre & DSL Router rental Rs 2500* , Installation free for yearly subscribers

Cheap Package: 5Mbps @ Rs 1300* for 50GB
Max Speed: upto 50Mbps
Customer Support: Phone, App and SMS Service
Coverage: 63 districts of Nepal.
Facebook Rating: 3.1/5
Contact: 015523010, 014217100, 9801523050

2. Vianet Communications

Vianet has been providing its service since 1999. It has been in the business of providing state of the art broadband internet and related services for more than a decade now it has introduced blazing fast Fiber Internet to the client’s whilst growing and exceeding the targets.
Installation and Details

Installation: Rs 1000
ONU Device: Rs 5000
* Installation free and ONU Device @ 4000 for 3 Months Subscribers
*Installation free and ONU Device @ Rs 2500 for yearly Subscribers

Cheap Package: 5Mbps @ Rs 1300* for 80GB
Max Speed: up to 15Mbps
Customer Support: Phone Calls and Facebook Page
Coverage: Kathmandu Valley Only
Facebook Rating: 3.4/5
Contact: 01-4217555, 9801046410

3. Nepal Telecom

ADSL by Nepal Telecom (NT) is popular ISP launched in 2065 BS for home and office users. Nepal Telecom includes Unlimited(which is very Slow Internet) and Volume Based(Fast Internet) for home and office users.

Installation: Rs 500*
Adsl Router: Rs 2500

Cheap Package: Unlimited 192Kbps @ Rs 900*
Max Speed: up to 512Kbps
Customer Support: Phone Only
Coverage: 75 Districts

NT WiMax
Nepal Telecom (NT) WiMax is one of the fast wireless broadband internet service launched in 2069 BS.

Installation : Rs 200*
USB Dongle: Rs. 2,310* | USB Modem for Rs. 6,000*| Indoor CPE : Rs. 12,216* | Outdoor CPE : Rs. 9,554.15*
Cheap Package: 256Kbps @ Rs 650* for 21 GB data.
Max Speed: 21Mbps
Customer Support: Phone Calls
Coverage: All Districts except Bajhang, Humla, Mugi, Dolpa, Jajarkot, Rukum and Solukhumbu.

4. Subisu Cable Network

Subisu is one of the largest internet service providers in Nepal powered with its cable & fiber networks. It offers high-speed cable internet with free cable TV. It also provides wireless internet for home user for 768 Kbps unlimited internet for Rs 1100* per month.

Installation : Rs 500*
Cable Modem : Rs. 3,000
Wireless device : Rs 4,520.
Customer Supports : Mobile apps, Facebook page, and Phone calls
Cheap Package : Unlimited 768Kbps @ Rs. 1,400* with free TV cable.
Coverage : 60 districts of Nepal
Contact: 01-4235888

5. OTEL Communications

OTEL is newly registered broadband Internet Service Provider in Nepal. It provides Internet service from Cable and Fiber network. If you look into their package price they are quite cheap and reasonable in terms of download speed. It has only one Internet Package with 1Mbps Unlimited Internet.

Installation: Free*
Cable Internet: 1Mbps @ Rs 1250*
Fibre Internet: 1Mbps @ Rs 1350*
Customer Support: Phone Calls
Coverage: Kathmandu Valley Only
Contact: 01 – 5553703, 01 – 4217333

6. Classic Tech

Classic Tech is another broadband Internet service provider established in 2009 A.D. in Nepal. Home and Corporate houses and business centers are their customers.

Installation : Rs 3000*, Rs 2000 Security Deposit
*Free installation for Yearly subscribers
Optical Network Unit (ONU) Device: Rental charge @ .
Internet: 1Mbps @ Rs 1299*, 3Mbps @ Rs 1500*
Customer Support : Phone and Facebook Page.
Coverage: Available in Kathmandu Valley, Dharan, Itahari, Biratnagar, Hetauda, Birgunj, Banepa, Chitwan and Butwal.
Contact: +977-1-4785909 / 9801006633

7. Mercantile Communications

Any wireless connection can give you speed. But adding Mercantile Communications for broadband to your basic connection gives you powerful security & greater speed. Mercantile’s Wireless Internet at home / office lets you enjoy high-speed wireless internet connection all around you. Most of the Office and organization use this Internet service.

Installation: Rs 2,000* (nonrefundable)
Internet Broadband econet: 384 kbps @ 1,327*, 512 kbps @ 2,000*, 768 kbps @ 2,655*, 1Mbps @ 3,100*
Internet Broadband infinity: 384 kbps @ 1,800*, 512 kbps @ 3,000*, 768 kbps @ 4,500*, 1Mbps @ 5,500*

Customer Support: Phone and Facebook Page
Contact: 01 4445920 / 01 4440773

8. Ncell

Ncell is mobile internet based ISP, which is working since 2004 offering internet service through EDGE, GPRS, 3G and USB Dongol. Ncell has upgraded it internet plans and packages after its been brought by an Axiata Company. But the volume based internet price is expensive than other ISP in Nepal.

Installation : Free
USB Dongol(Ncell Connect) : Rs 2000* / Can be used on Mobile Phone as Hotspot Devices
Customer Support: Phone Calls
Cheap Package 6Mb @ Rs 6
Max Speed: Up to 10Mbps
Coverage: Almost 70 Districts of Nepal

9. Broadlink Communications

Broadlink is the old Wi-Fi Internet Internet Service Provideing Broadband company. Broadlink has been providing its Wi-Fi Internet service for Home users in Residental Bundle with 4 Package Scheme i.e Basic (1Mbps), Premium (3Mbps), Robust (5Mbps) and Platinum (10Mbps). Their FTTH plan starts from Rs 1700* for 10Mbps with 30GB data and fall back speed is 512Kbps.

Installation: Rs 8000 (Wifi Signal Booster kit) / Rs 3000 (USB dongol).
Customer Support : Phone Calls.
Cheap Package: 1Mbps @ Rs 999* for 20GB data then after unlimited @ 128Kbps.
Coverage: 20 Districts of Nepal including Kathmandu valley, Sunsari, Morang, Jhapa, Gorkha, Kaski etc.
Contact: +977 9801453020

10. Pokhara Internet

Pokhara Internet is Top ISP for Pokhara as it serves high-speed internet service through its Optical Fiber and Wireless internet. It offers unlimited internet services at cheap price. Their night surfing plan offers 256 Kbps unlimited internet service only at Rs 575* which is active from 7PM in an evening to 8AM in the morning but not limited during Saturday and holidays.w their normal unlimited package costs Rs 1200 for 256Kbps.

Installation charge : Rs 500* (free for yearly subscribers)
Router & wireless device : Rs 8000. (Wires Cost Extra*).
Costumer Support: Phone Calls.
Internet : Unlimited 256 Kbps @ Rs 1200, 384Kbps @ Rs 1600
Coverage: Pokhara including 10 different places of WDR (Syangja, Walling, Galyang, Bayarghari, Bhorletar, Nayapool, Kusma, Bandipur, Dulegauda & Dumre)
Contact: 061-540188

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