Comedian RP Bhattarai 'Lajalaam' passes away

Comedian RP Bhattarai, popularly known as 'Lajalaam' has passed away. Known for his famous dialogue 'Lajalaam Mero Naam' in a very popular serial 'Tito Satya', Bhattarai had gone to bed on Thursday night and was found dead in bed on Friday morning.

Actor and Director Deepa Shree Niraula informed that Bhattarai had reached his auntie's home in Biratnagar on Thursday morning.

"Bhattarai went to bed after taking dinner on Thursday night. But he was found dead when his auntie went to check him after he did not wake up," Deepa said.

He had reached Biratnagar four days ago.

In addition to 'Tito Satya', the actor had also worked in movies and stage programs. He had released satirical albums as well.

The 42-year- old actor was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. He is survived by wife and two sons.
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