Pushpa Basnet nominated for CNN Super Hero

Pushpa Basnet, a social worker whose organisation rescues children living with their parents in prison, has been nominated for the CNN Super Hero title.

Basnet, founder of Early Childhood Development Center in Kathmandu, provides housing, education, medical services and meals to children forced to live with their parents in country's prison through her organisation. Basnet's organisation currently houses 37 children and provides them with regular medical check-ups, vaccinations, and enrolls them in local private school while giving them the opportunity to meet their mothers during holidays.

American television network CNN has been providing CNN Heros titles for the past decade to individuals recognising their exemplary and remarkable humanitarian work making difference in their communities. The television network is now celebrating 10 years of its campaign by announcing a CNN Super Hero from five CNN Heros through online voting.

Basnet was awarded the CNN Hero of the Year title on 2012. She will compete with the Super Hero title with Liz McCartney (2008), Efren Peñaflorida (2009), Robin Lim (2011) and Cad Pregracke (2013). The winner will be awarded with $50,000 to continue their humanitarian work.

The news channel will telecast the event live at 8 am NST on Monday.

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