World's most Beautiful Currency - Nepali Currency.

The Telegraph, a British newspaper, has listed 21 different currencies of the world as 'The World's Most Beautiful Currencies' on its website. Among the total 21 different currencies, three Nepali currency notes and a Nepali coin have made it to the list prepared by the Telegraph. According to The Telegraph, the uniqueness and use of animals is the main reason for the Nepalese currencies' inclusion in the list of the 'most beautiful currencies'.

The Telegraph has included three Nepali notes -- Rs 500, Rs 5, Re 1 notes -- and Rs 2 coin on its list. The British daily has listed Rs 500 bill quoting "Nepal boasts some lovely notes, such as this one showing two tigers in great detail". Likewise, it has said "Animals feature strongly here too--these are two yaks, which are important in Nepalese culture" about Rs 5 note on its website.

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