10 Reasons Why You should Visit Nepal.

Nepal may have had been hit by a devastating earthquake but that’s not what Nepal is all about.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should visit NEPAL.

1. Out of 75 districts in Nepal only about 10 districts are affected by the recent earthquake with the earthquake having its effect on the central and western districts only. There has been hardly no damages in the Eastern part, the Mid-West and Far West part of Nepal. Nepal has a lot more places to see, that would be exciting, adventurous and beautiful which would make your stay and travel at Nepal really amazing.

2. Nepal is a paradise that would totally amaze you in various ways. The beautiful landscapes, the varied cultures and tons of exciting activities one can involve would make anyone’s visit to Nepal, an awesome one. Nepal is indeed one of the best places in South Asia for a thrilling and exciting travel with its magnificent natural beauty, the varied biological diversity, the breath taking Himalayas, the mouthwatering cuisine and the friendly and hospitable people.

3. Nepal has a very rich bio diversity and wildlife, with its beautiful wildlife and national parks, only one out of ten national parks is affected by the earthquake with the remaining nine national parks completely safe to visit. So, visiting Nepal to discover its wildlife and national park would always be great option even now.

4. The highways and subways connecting major cities and towns in Nepal have not suffered any damages so moving around and traveling around Nepal would not be any problem.

5. Nepal is a home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites out of which only 3 has suffered damaged due to the earthquake with the remaining 5 sites being completely safe to visit where one can check the wonders of Nepal recognized globally.

6. The national and international airports in Nepal have not suffered any damages due to the earthquake with flights operating making travel to Nepal from other countries and domestic travel around Nepal safe and risk-free.

7. Nepal being a land of tall mountains of the Himalayas and varied landscapes is indeed a trekker’s paradise.  Only 2 out of 35 major trekking routes have been affected by the earthquake, making trekking in Nepal really safe and okay.

8. Hospitals, clinics and various medical facilities in various Nepalese cities and towns are safe, in operation and running smoothly. There has been no burst of epidemics or viral diseases.

9. Communication in Nepal is not a problem as well with access to telephonic lines and internet working fine and smoothly.

10. There are plenty of hotels in Nepal and tourist destinations around which are completely safe. A large percentage of hotels in major sites were not affected by the earthquake and tourists can easily find places to accommodate themselves in hotels, motels and guest houses which are safe.

So yes, its true Nepal was hit by an earthquake that had a disastrous effect but now the country needs your help to recover from it and the best way how you can help Nepal recover is not cancel your travel plans to Nepal and go visit. Yes, it is true that few popular travel destinations have suffered damages due to the earthquake but you can have your little contribution to rebuild this heavenly paradise and now is the time you can help  and that’s by visiting Nepal.

Thinking of cancelling your travel plans to Nepal because the historic Dharahara has fallen or because you cannot travel to Sindhupalchowk now, isn’t reason enough to cancel your travel to Nepal. Nepal is a far lot more than that. You can always visit the beautiful places in the other safe and unaffected districts in Nepal, like maybe go for a bio diversity tour in Chitwan or enjoy a lovely trip to Pokhara.

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