Kamal ko Ful | Rijan Giri ft. Sirjana Karki © Official Music Video 2018

"Kamal ko ful"  is a musical attempt to inspire Nepalese youth to return to their motherland.

Instrumentally "Kamal ko ful"  employees range of ethnic Nepalese and some western instruments;

The music video portrays story of a common Nepali man who has decided to let go of his expatriate life, and return back to Nepal for good with 'Kamal ko ful' (a lotus flower) . Bidur and Aliza are playing the lead role in the video. Furthermore - the video portrays  Aliza's anticipation as she awaits Bidur's return back home. The video has a delightful ending as the lead characters reunite at a local village carnival. Love wins.

Singer : Rijan Giri, Sirjana Karki
Lyrics and Composition: Rijan Giri
Arranger : Kobid Bazra / Riken Maharjan

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