COW SONG | Story Dance Video | Kohalpur Express

And here's our version of "COW SONG" from the nepali movie Kohalpur Express featuring Keki Adhikari, Priyanka Karki, Reecha Sharma, Reema Bishwokarma and many, releasing on 27th April 2018.

This is a Story Dance Version of the song, and it features new young talents from France Master Biplove Khanal and Miss Kenjal Adhikari who are seen acting resplendently in the video, supported by Dilisha Bhatta & Asmita Sapkota along with the nepali stars of France the very gorgeous group #FuntasticParisGirls.

It's a story of Biplove who knows nothing about dancing but seems to be interested in Kenjal and wants to impress her, but on the other hand Kenjal only likes people who dance well. Biplove then tries his hands on dancing with the help of a dancing group #FuntasticParisGirls which teaches him to dance and finally win the heart of Kenjal.

The entire video is shot in France.

Watch the Video Below...

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